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-About Jerry and Lois Photography

About Jerry and Lois Photography

January, 2021: The hardest and most painful words that no one should never have to write...
After discovering cancer in February of 2017, followed by a fierce and heart-filled 3 year battle fought tirelessly together, my Beautiful Heart, my Soul, my Love, my Darling Wife, Lois, Transcended in January 2020. Her Precious and Beloved Spirit was simply too strong for her earthly body to contain any longer, and my Baby spread her Wings and took flight.
I have decided to resurrect the business we built together, using our same name, with all things done in my Sweetheart's Honor and Memory. If we are privileged to work with and for you, please know all is done to provide you with the best images and experience possible, with my Love's guidance and brilliance helping shape what we create for you.
All in Your Everlasting Honor, my Beautiful LoveHeart, Lois.  I Love You Forever and Beyond, My Precious One. Always and Forever.
When you've looked at our work, you’ve probably gotten an idea of what we can produce. But - these don’t tell you how they've come about. To know that, involves a discussion about the imagination, the creativity, the inspiration, possible muses, and most importantly – the client's input. Alternatively, we simply say that our images incorporate a little tech, a little artistry, a little vision, and a little magic.
We hope that if our style is aligned with your requirements or vision, we’ll hear from you. When you contact us, you’ll find that we’re interested, eager, confident, enthusiastic, usually polite, and bring 20+ years of ongoing experience to the table.
What we’re here for: producing lasting imagery to represent your events, your products, your services, your message. This encompasses brands, business profiles, websites, professional portraiture and headshots, the “who you are and what you do”.
OK – so who are we?
We are an absolutely inseparable wife and husband team of two photographers and creatives who’ve been together an extremely short 43+ years. We don’t compete, we complete, and use that to innovate and produce. We shoot for you, and want to make sure we have provided a fabulous result with an experience that was both fun and productive. Our ultimate goal is to develop a collaborative relationship with you that continues to produce images that endure.
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About Jerry and Lois Photography