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– Business Focus: Campaigns and Profiles

Business and Organizations Focus: Campaigns and Profiles

Campaigns and Profiles: Collections of images that go into more depth about a given business or organization to help tell that story.

This can include products, headshots, locations, depiction of services, and any other elements that help represent what the business or organization is about.

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From a series shot with a custom-built, proprietary lighting system designed to capture the inner fire, fine jewelry sparkles for the camera. In this shot, an out of this world Tanzanite ring with custom-set diamonds. Jerry and Lois Photography
Jewelry category


Jewelry Gallery

From Playlearn: A group of pressure sensitive, interactive and glowing, colorful, squishy floor tiles. Jerry and Lois Photography
Business Profiles Category

Playlearn USA (business profiles)

Playlearn USA is a company with whom a growing, special working relationship has taken shape.  They create products that are fabulous to experience and nurture intrigue for the curious child within us all.

Business Profiles Category

Glass Vodka gallery (business profiles)

Glass Vodka (a.k.a. Glass Distillery): An overview of various photos that help define the visual elements of this business

Evening serenity at Bishop Bay, Inside Passage B.C., with Grand Banks and NW Explorations. Jerry and Lois Photography
Business Profiles Category

NW Explorations gallery (business profiles)

Located in Bellingham, WA, Northwest Explorations is a full service luxury yacht company. The purpose of this project was to capture scenics and wildlife of the Inside Passage and Alaska. This would enable the business to have a more visual marketability for their clients and would show what they could experience when chartering their boats.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Campaign: For All For Life
Campaigns Category

Lee Oskar Harmonicas (campaigns)

Lee Oskar Harmonicas "For All For Life" campaign, demonstrating that everyone, from all walks in life, can learn to play the harmonica.

Campaigns Category

Classical KING FM 98.1 (campaigns)

KING FM is Seattle's classical music station. Their campaign theme was "KING FM in your life" which translates to listening while commuting, at home, in the office. The images were used for online advertising and shuttle vans.

KZOK Annual Calendar, The Moody Blues, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor
Campaigns Category

KZOK 102.5 Annual Calendar

KZOK 102.5 Annual Calendar:  Classic Rock Album Covers re-enacted.  While the actual animal photos are real and un-retouched, additional post-production artistry was added by separate illustrator to better correspond to the original covers.