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-Personal Focus: Light and Motion

Personal Focus: Studies with Light and Motion

Light and Motion: elements that have attracted our attention, long before we ever picked up a camera.

These are points of intrigue; our assignment has been learning how to capture and incorporate these fundamentals as part of our story-telling efforts.

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Sunset quietude at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast with a Madrone tree silhouette. Jerry and Lois Photography
Light Category

Light 01

Light Gallery 01: Outdoors

Mysterious tea kettle, a shot to accomplish a specific rim-lighted look after being challenged by a long-time creative director, Jerry and Lois Photography
Light Category

Light 02

Light Gallery 02: Indoors

A perfectly moody setting for a motion-blurred break on a pool table, the 8 ball frozen in place. Camera-wise, literally a lucky break. © Jerry and Lois Photography
Motion Category

Motion 01

Motion Gallery 01: The Human World

"Millie" - An extremely colorful hybrid Macaw in open-air flight at a local Macaw rescue location. © Jerry and Lois Photography, all rights reserved
Motion Category

Motion 02

Motion Gallery 02: The Animal World